Terms of Reference for All Members

All Members shall:

  • abide by and commit to the Warriors Code of Conduct, as outlined below and as supported by the FHAC Disciplinary Code

  • provide payment of all club dues to the Treasurer in a timely fashion, in accordance with the Warriors by-laws

  • maintain provision of accurate contact information, to include name, address, telephone number(s), email address (if applicable), to the Secretary at all times

  • wear mandatory equipment including shinguards and mouthguards, as per the FHAC insurance policy.  Insurance will be void for members not complying with equipment requirements should an injury incur.

  • notify the Captain of their availability for scheduled games, practices and clinics

Warriors Code of Conduct states that members, at all times must:

  • display the qualities of sportsmanship by behaving fairly and generously

  • use appropriate language

  • treat fellow members equitably through fair play

  • participate, to the best of their ability, in club functions

  • endeavour to develop improved hockey skills and athletic ability

  • avoid any other form of dissent or inappropriate conduct not listed above

Any inappropriate behaviour or issuance of cards will be dealt with as follows:

Verbal Dissent In the event a Warriors Field Hockey Club Member demonstrates verbal dissent towards officials of the game, the offender will be asked to make a substitution until such time that they are able to return to play without further verbal opposition or comment. 

Yellow Card - In the event a yellow card is issued to any Warriors Field Hockey Club Member, the member will leave the playing field immediately after serving their penalty time.  The team captain will also endeavour to leave the field to discuss the infraction with the member and ensure he/she is ready to resume play safely.

Aggressive Play - Aggression will not be tolerated.  If a Warriors Field Hockey Club Member behaves in an aggressive manner towards the opposition, referees, spectators, or team-mates, the offender will be asked to leave the facility.  A game suspension may be issued by the executive upon review and nature of the offence


  • Any Member may be asked from time to time, and indeed will be encouraged to volunteer for any of the various responsibilities that occur, such as tournament hosting, casinos, disciplinary hearings, etc.

  • All Executive Members are responsible for upholding the decisions and operating rules of the Warriors and to assist in administering such when breaches are noticed.


Terms of Reference for Executive Members

The President shall:

  • generally manage the affairs of the Warriors in consultation with all other Executive Members;

  • arrange meetings of the Executive Members as necessary;

  • arrange the Annual General Meeting in accordance with Warriors by-laws;

  • arrange all Special General Meetings in accordance with Warriors by-laws;

  • act as chairperson of all meetings, and be familiar with meeting procedures;

  • be ex-officio member of all sub-committees established by the Warriors;

  • hold only the position of President during the period of tenure;

  • represent the Warriors at the FHAC (i.e., serve as club representative) and as such:

    • be considered the sole representative of the Warriors for one full year;

    • attend all meetings of the FHAC Board of Directors;

    • help in the decision making process of the FHAC;

    • liaise directly between the FHAC and the Warriors, and vice-versa;

    • produce the complete membership list(s) of the Warriors in accordance with FHAC by-laws and as required by the FHA and FHC.

  • coordinate all other Executive Members;

  • compile FHAC news and information on at least a quarterly basis, and forward to the Secretary for distribution to all club members.

The Vice-President shall:

  • assume any or all of the responsibilities of the President, as listed above, in the President's absence;

  • assist the President in the general management of the Warriors;

  • manage all matters relating to discipline and maintain the discipline file;

  • serve as Umpiring Coordinator for the Warriors;

  • liaise with the FHAC Umpiring Coordinator regarding penalty cards and payment of umpires;

  • act as Social Convener for the Warriors and as such:

    • plan social activities on at least a semi-annual basis for club members and their families;

    • organize and chair sub-committees set up for this purpose.

The Secretary shall:

  • attend all meetings and take minutes;

  • type or print the minutes of each meeting and distribute to all Executive Members;

  • confirm to all Executive Members the timing of each meeting;

  • confirm to the membership of the Warriors the timing of the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting in accordance with Warriors by-laws;

  • confirm to the membership of the Warriors the timing of the FHAC Annual General Meeting and any FHAC Special General Meeting in accordance with FHAC by-laws;

  • maintain a collection of all club records, by-laws, policies and procedures, and any other relevant materials;

  • maintain accurate and up-to-date copies of FHAC by-laws, policies and procedures, and disciplinary code;

  • maintain a full membership list of current players; this is to include name, address, telephone number(s), email address (if applicable);

  • in conjunction with President, register this full membership list with the FHAC;

  • maintain a list of all past members;

  • book all practice facilities and rules or umpiring clinics for the Warriors;

  • review all rental facility bills, approve or arrange for correction and forward to Treasurer for payment;

  • liaise with the Captain to inform all players of practice schedules;

  • liaise with the Vice President to inform all players of clinic schedules.

The Treasurer shall:

  • maintain the funds and securities of the Warriors as directed by the Warriors and in accordance with Warriors by-laws;

  • maintain proper accounting records at all times and ensure that they are complete and up-to-date;

  • maintain all financial files of the Warriors;

  • attend all meetings of the Warriors and provide a full report at each meeting of the financial condition of the Warriors;

  • collect and receive all club dues and assessments levied;

  • assist in the administration of all other financial matters of the Warriors, including but not limited to casinos and other fund-raising activities, tournament finances, and any other financial matters that may occur from time to time;

  • all funds of the Warriors are to be held at a Chartered Bank in Calgary and are to be administered in accordance with Warriors by-laws.

The Captain shall:

  • ensure provision of the Rules of the Game, in accordance with FHAC by-laws;

  • at all times on the pitch, ensure provision of the Warriors code of conduct;

  • be responsible for ensuring that the correct number of players are ready and properly dressed for each match:

    • for an Outdoor Hockey match to begin, each team shall have a minimum of eight (8) players dressed and ready to play at the scheduled match time;

    • for an Indoor Hockey match to begin, each team shall have a minimum of four (4) players, as stated in the rules, dressed and ready to play at the scheduled match time;

    • all teams must abide by the Rules of the Game pertaining to protective headgear to be worn by goalkeepers or 'kicking backs'.

  • provide a ball for the match, if the first named team on the FHAC schedule;

  • for Indoor Hockey only, and in conjunction with the opposing team's Captain:

    • be responsible for the preparation of the pitch, including side-boards and goals, team benches and timing table and chairs;

    • be responsible for dismantling and correctly storing the above listed equipment.

  • complete Game Cards, provided by the FHAC, prior to the commencement of each match and give to one of the umpires for the purposes of recording match progress, and sign completed Game Cards.


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